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Parent Training

Parents and caretakers have a huge responsibility. North FL Behavior Consultants offers a variety of topics for parents and caretakers. One-on-one parent consultation is also available to develop a 30-day plan!

professional development

Our Founder’s roots are in the K-12 Education system.  He will always remember what it was like to be an educator with the responsibility of teaching, coaching teachers through problem behaviors as well as all the paper work that comes with being in the filed of education. Being able to relate to the maladaptive behaviors that are seen within the classroom help this company stand out against others when it comes to consulting with schools looking to decrease maladaptive behavior and increase wanted behavior within the school setting.  


The North FL Behavior Consultant team is often invited to speak at conferences and conduct sessions to help educators, parents, and health providers.

open play

Need an intimate place for therapy, individualized play, or small birthday parties? Visit Arthur's Play Place, an indoor sensory gym designed to not overwhelm children, especially children with autism.

private events

North FL Behavior Consultants offers private events. The team can come to you for training, best practices, and more! If you have an event where parents or children can benefit from learning more, contact the team!