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Our Services

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Applied Behavioral Therapy Services

At North Florida Behavior Consultants, LLC, we use the principles of ABA to improve the quality of life for our clients.

We see the potential for growth & success in each child and strive to offer services that help to build on their strengths. Our ABA services are individualized to each child's needs.

We provide ABA therapy in the Jacksonville, FL area that can take place in the clinic, community, schools, and homes.

Training & Support for Parents and Caregivers

Parental/ Caregiving involvement in any child’s life aids in their success as they grow older. We provide support and training  to help reduce maladaptive behavior that is causing disturbance in the home.  We also work and provide training to  those in group and foster home settings.

Behaviors we focus on targeting include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Physical Aggression
  • Threats of Harm 
  • Self-Injury 
  • Cursing at Adults or Peers 
  • Task Refusal
  • Property Destruction 
  • Running Away/Elopement
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors
  • Inappropriate Attention Seeking
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A teacher helps a middle school boy with autism.

School Consultation Services

Our cost-effective school consultation services are based on the most contemporary “best practice” approaches to assessment, education, and treatment. We carefully tailor our services to the specific needs and concerns of each individual, classroom, school, or district, developing highly individualized recommendations and plans for students.

Consultation Services May Include:

  • Behavior and support plan development and implementation
  • District- and school-wide behavioral support strategies
  • Educational and behavioral program design
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Individualized Service Plan (ISP)
  • Staff training
  • Inclusive educational support
  • Parent training
  • Transition support

Our training and consultation services are provided to administrators, teachers, and student’s.

Allow us to help prepare your staff to create the best learning environment for children. Our consultant is a BCBA who works with school staff to coordinate and enhance educational and behavioral services for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other development delays.

Residential Home Training

If you are in the business of providing homes for those that display disruptive and maladaptive behavior, we are here to provide training for all staff members.  

Proactive not reactive strategies are key when working with disruptive behaviors. Contact us to see how we may assist your staff in better handling these unwanted behaviors. 

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A security officer meets a young boy with autism.

Community Training

We provide comprehensive training to law enforcement, public agencies and private businesses wanting to enhance their understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays.

We help to prepare your staff to effectively provide services to children with special needs.

We're here to help with all of your aba needs.

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How to get Started


Insurance Referrals

A diagnosis  is required by insurances to begin ABA services in Florida. Outside of Florida Medicaid, many insurances require that diagnosis to be on the Autism Spectrum.

Private Pay

Private pay families can be referred for service without an official diagnosis.


Insurance Referrals

A referral signed by a MD is required for all children being funded by an insurance plan.

Private Pay

Private Pay families do not need a referral and can skip ahead to the next step.


Insurance Referrals

Once you’ve received your referral for services, contact us to schedule your child’s initial assessment.

Private Pay

Contact us to schedule your child’s initial assessment.

After the Assessment

Once assessment has been completed, your child’s recommended hours and scheduling will be finalized.

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Insurance & Payment


Accepted Plans:

  • Aetna
  • Florida & Georgia Medicaid
  • Tricare

If your plan is not listed, please call us; we often add new insurance plans.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your health benefits prior to your arrival to determine if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services.

Private pay

Paying without an insurance plan

For those patients who do not have health insurance or those who have maxed out their benefits, we offer a private pay plan.

Please contact us for more info.

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Project 10

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